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A convenient way of blood monitoring

Maintaining a steady monitoring of blood pressure is difficult. Mom got tired of constant calling and knocking on my door for her blood pressure taken. She had decided to get a wrist type Blood pressure monitoring thru Watsons, she got this device packed with a Japanese technology as it indicated on the box. 
Omron wrist blood pressure monitor

The case is sealed tightly in a minimalist box, quite neat and clean. In the Philippines, this can be bought in Watsons stores worldwide, one of the leading stores supplying health, medical, food, and beauty merchandise to Filipinos. A perfect advantage of this device is that it is compact and easy to carry anywhere. Mom usually goes from home and drives to her work and she needs to constantly monitor her blood pressure, this is a good device to wear so she can have a hassle free monitoring anytime of the day. She said that she hated it when she needed to disturb other people to just take her BP all the time. This device will allow her to indepe…
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Natural Methods to help recover from Gastric Bleeding

I  was admitted to a hospital due to a recent gastric bleeding episode. The cause was drug induced. The dosage for a UTI drug that was given to me was too strong for my body which resulted in my gastric stomach to bleed. The dosage was 750 mg per two days antibiotic. At that moment, I never knew what gastric bleeding looked and feel like, I haven't had experiences, so the first symptom I felt was an intense burning sensation in my stomach, it lasted for days until on the fourth day, I had involuntary bloody diarrhea, since I never had any experiences about it before I had was surprised to see blood in stool and decided to seek a health professional. Immediately, I was sought for confinement. The medical practitioners are rattled as they say I looked pale like a ghost, which I always am but maybe worse this time. I was surprised to see how alarmed they are when they found out about my condition and they said, if untreated, could result to shock and lead to death. When I was interv…

Best to consult specialist on multiple ailments

When it comes to several syndromes, we often get very confused which doctor or specialist that we want to consult to. Basically, we would consult a General Practitioner when we do not have any idea of the signs and symptoms that we get to feel in our body, that is true, but certain circumstances like we do have knowledge of what is occuring but would only like to know which person to consult to. 

These are based on my personal experiences which best to consult on each situations:

Internal Medicine Specialist

⇴You are experiencingheartburns or gastric pains, accompanied by menstrual pain, consult a internal medicine doctor best than a ob-gynecologist first and tell all the signs and symptoms. 

Consulting an OB first might not be the best option that we have since dysmenorrhea is a natural symptom, but when we experience both pains at the same time that makes it unbearable it is one serious issue that we need to address, it is on my experience that I consult with a internal medicine special…

Ectomorph The blessed ones

We’re here to talk about…. Myself* ahem… people are often intrigued about my body type. They usually think that I don’t eat anything at all, or maybe I’m being starved to death. Seriously, I’m not. I have been like this starting 6 or 7 years old. This is my real body type. Let me explain. My body type is named: Ectomorphism or Ectomorph in short. Usually Ectomorph persons are tall in stature. Consider the fact though that my Mother is smaller than me and my Father too, plus our race which is a Filipino. Not to discriminate the height of Filipinos but usually the average height of a Filipino Male:  163.5 cm (5' 4.4")   and Filipino Woman: 151.8 cm (4' 11.8")    according to: .com. Literally, I have normal height for an average Filipino woman, my height is 4’11.

As a cute child…
When I was younger, I used to eat a lot especially when my favorite foods are served, Sinigang, or Paksiw. As a child though, I…